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Spoons are useful dining tools that aid in the consumption of food. Spoons help transport some amount of food from the plate or bowl into the mouth. Soups and sauces are best enjoyed when spoons are used. Spoons also help serve food from platters onto personal plates. Different types of spoons are used in fine dining. Each type of spoon may serve a special purpose, so here's a quick rundown of the different types of spoons and their uses.

Different types of spoons

*Table spoons
The most common variant of spoons, table spoons can be used for serving or transferring food from a serving platter to a personal plate. Table spoons have also been used as measurement guides in recipes. In some cultures, tablespoons are also used as dining instruments for rice, grains and other food items.

*Tea spoons
As a measuring guide, teaspoons contain half of the amount held by tablespoons. Tea spoons were used for stirring hot beverages such as tea and coffee. Though tea spoons can also be used to spoon in sugar and cream into coffee, a different kind of spoon was used in formal tea occasions. Sugar spoons are dainty tools that scoop up some sugar from the bowl or container.

*Soup spoons
Soup spoons are slightly smaller in size than table spoons. They are characterised by rounder and deeper bowls, which help scoop up more amounts of soup.

*Dessert spoons
This type of spoons is slightly larger than tea spoons, but considerably smaller than table spoons. After a meal, the used dining ware is taken away, while these spoons are left for use during the dessert portion. Dessert spoons are differentiated by the pointed tips of the bowls compared to soup spoons with rounded bowls.

Materials used in making spoons

Spoons are traditionally made from sterling silver and alloys of metal. Stainless steel is also an economical material for mass-producing spoons. Spoons of this make are durable and have substantial weight.

Disposable spoons made from plastic and other synthetic materials are also economical pieces. These are perfect for picnics and informal gatherings, as these can be thrown away after use. Washing up is no longer a problem due to the disposable nature of plastic spoons.

Other uses of spoons

Some individuals also collect spoons as a hobby. Antique pieces of spoons with unique designs and histories are items that some collectors treasure and display.